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  • It’s an incubation… not a Quarantine…
    Many people around the world are currently quarantined. They have been forced to give up more than they ever have done before in the history of the Lent season. Typically people give up chocolate or sweet foods, or maybe some social media or something for 6-7 weeks to be intentional about their connection with Jesus […]
  • Our God heals real people in Ireland…..
    One of the things I love most about God is the way he surprises his kids. Earlier this year we began to experience some things that were simply stunning. A few of us had been praying that God would begin to heal people whilst they were worshipping and singing and without us having to lay […]
  • Spoiled by the Father
    This past month I’ve been a little bit taken back by the goodness of God’s goodness to us. I’ve seen things that have started a party in my heart. It’s a great party and it’s just getting started. The best part of it is I know there’s so much more to come. Over the last few months […]
  • Presence Church Eve: Twas the night before Starbucks……
    I’m sitting on my sofa in Cork and reflectively listening to God on the eve of us meeting people interested in Presence church. Later tonight Presence church plant will have begun to take its first steps and we will have done church In Starbucks for the first time. I will have seen familiar faces and […]
  • 2018…..on the Third day
    A new year is here. And it actually is a NEW year. It’s name is 2018 2018 isn’t like previous years. It’s different. On previous “new years” little changes but the date. Different day, different number, similar life. 2018 means we finally get to walk into our dreams. Actually it’s more like a stumbling and […]
  • October the 2nd, Two Thousand and Seventeen (ever since we had calendars)
    So here we go. Another blog entry. My name is Shane, and I’m sitting on my sofa. It’s a brown leather corner sofa with a giant rip in it thanks so 14 years of sitting on it, and my son jumping on it daily. And it’s sitting in my house in Dundonald….. Which is sitting […]
  • The Promises of God reveal the heart of God……
    “I will pour out my spirit on all people.” It is believed that God said that through Joel around 2857 years ago, there or there about. Joel may have been what many call on of the “minor” prophet’s but this was not a minor prophecy.  There is nothing minor about it. I have heard it […]
  • Could this be my new blog…….
    This is the post excerpt.
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