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Love Cork

Loving Cork, starts with loving the people of Cork. For us this means turning up and doing some simple things. Presence Church is a group of people who want to share the presence of God, and follow the Holy Spirit wherever we end up, doing all the things that Jesus did.  God loves all people unconditionally with no strings attached so that's what we want to do. Sometimes we will be handing out free hot chocolate or treats, praying for people on the streets, serving local businesses, asking God who to talk to and treasure hunting as it’s sometimes called. People really are God's treasures.  Sometimes we will give out prophetic words and praying for the sick and injured and sometimes we will be cleaning the streets by picking up litter and cleaning toilets. Our heart is to be obedient and follow God’s leading, whilst looking and praying into the needs of the people of Cork. We long to see Cork City come more fully alive than ever before and for God to rewrite the story of Cork with His love and His presence through his people.

Come and learn how to show God’s love to others in a meaningful way with no strings attached. Also from time to time we will run training events and conferences focused on equipping people to love  God, love people and living loved more freely ❤️


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