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Love Cork Re:Covid-19

Love Cork

The coronavirus has hit this world harder than anything in recent history. It has caused all kinds of health and social problems and we want to do our little bit to help. We can't change the world, but we can love and serve people during this crisis.

Loving Cork, starts with loving the people of Cork. Everyone's biggest need in life to feel loved and feel safe, and people need to experience that now more than ever.

For us, loving people means turning up and doing some simple things that Jesus and his disciples did in the bible, like feeding people, serving people, listening to people, praying for people and doing real life with them. Presence want to walk on the ground where real life is spilling on the floor.

We have the privilege of serving an amazing city filled with people who deserve to experience help and love from friends, neighbours and whoever calls this part of the world their home. We are here for you and are praying for you all. Yet we also want to be able to be the answer to peoples prayers. We will continue to serve and love anyone who lets us.

If anyone needs any help whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact us! Whether it's you or someone you know.  Hello@ipresence.org

If you need help with shopping, prescription collections or you just need someone to give you a phone call to talk and listen, we have a team ready to serve you. We are here to pray with you, stand with you and encourage you. If have any prayer requests please contact us.  If you are alone or finding these times of social distancing or self-isolating challenging we are here. You can do it via email, or facebook messenger, or over the phone. Whatever works for you.

Please do not spend this time alone or afraid. Please reach out. We promise there is no judgement and we are all in this together. This is not about you coming to church or becoming a religious person. Whether you believe or don’t believe in God or Jesus, we still absolutely want to help and be there for you as best we can. This is about loving people well with absolutely no strings attached. We’re convinced that this is the way that God loves the world and we want to do the same. We are praying that your needs are met, that you and your loved ones are safe, and you all find new levels of health physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. This is a great time to reflect and to take stock of what we value the most, and chose what we will rebuild when the time comes. It's time to look at what is really important to us, as we spend time with our loved ones and rethink our future. It’s a time to connect together, love together and hope together.

We long to see this beautiful part of the world come more fully alive than ever before and for God to rewrite the story of Cork with His love and His presence through his people. 
You can't quarantine presence.
You can't quarantine love.

Love God, Love People, Live loved and stay strong ❤️

Shane and Karen Kelly
Senior Presence leaders


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