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Discipleship Year

*Initially some classes may be run online during the Covid 19 restrictions and we will resume meeting in person once these restrictions lift.


Presence Discipleship Year

Applications are now open to begin Discipleship Year (DY) beginning in September 15th 2020 to 1st June 2021.

Are you willing to invest a year or more to let God shape you and be a part of what God is doing here in Presence in Cork? Presence Discipleship Year (DY) is now a one and a two year intensive discipleship experience, DY1 and DY2.

Presence Discipleship Year (DY) is a year like no other. It is a one or a two year pathway designed to help you take your next steps in doing kingdom ministry just like Jesus and his disciples did. It’s about walking in your identity, growing in listening to the Holy Spirit and knowing the Bible, and learning to walk more in the power and authority of Jesus with His heart. Year one is all about growing as a disciple, growing in hearing God’s voice for yourself and for other people, and beginning to intentionally take steps in the great commission. Year two continues along this trajectory but with an extra emphasis on leadership and learning to disciple others. 

We have a huge heart to raise up a new generation of disciples, leaders and revivalists, to partner with God and invest in people taking steps towards their God given potential. Our mission is to raise up followers of Jesus and equip them in understanding their identity, their kingdom authority, and their calling and gifting.

Presence Discipleship Year is an opportunity to discover more of your destiny, and grow more in your identity.
For 9 months you will be encouraged, taught, trained, nurtured and challenged as you commit to grow in your relationship with God, and learn how to follow him in all areas of your life.

At Presence Church Cork our dream is to continue raising up a new generation of passionate people who walk in their true identity, and are equipped and empowered to live with the full force of who their heavenly Father has called them to be.
Our heart is raise up a new breed of revivalists who will live every area of their life in relationship with God, doing all the natural and supernatural things that Jesus has commissioned his people to do.
To heal the sick, cast out demons, to know the message and the heart of Jesus, and to share the truth about the Kingdom of God and our heavenly father.

We are called to love and serve this world the way that God does.
To release his light, his love and his power and reveal his heart to all the world.

It doesn’t matter what age you are.
It doesn’t matter about your past.
The only thing that matters is your trajectory, your future, where Jesus wants to lead you.

We’ve been called to shape history by bringing more of heaven to this earth.
We are committed to God and we want him to get the kingdom that he has paid for.
We believe that this world needs an encounter with our heavenly Father.
Will you say yes to joining more with what God is already doing here in Ireland?
Will you say yes?
Are you up for the adventure?

What’s Involved?
The cost is €400.

Over the year you will also read 5 books covering a range of topics from identity in God’s eyes, to understanding the kingdom and discipleship, as well as practical ministry such as praying for the sick, feeding the hungry, grow in hearing God’s voice for yourself and for others, casting out demons and spiritual warfare, sharing God’s love powerfully and exploring your unique calling in the kingdom and the church within the context of the great commission.

Please don’t the finances stop you. Let us know if this is a genuine obstacle for you. This can be paid in monthly instalments too.

It is typically a 12 hour weekly commitment, so you can continue with other university and college studies or your work and family responsibilities. It’s important that you still have time for friends, family and yourself, and can still have a life outside of DY.

A typical week looks like:
Tuesday evening for class and training. (3 hours)
One weeknight life group of your choice. (3 hours)
Outreach and servant evangelism. (1 hour)
Serving at our Sunday gathering. (3 hours)
Personal Reading and study (1 hour)
There will also be monthly one to one mentoring sessions with one of our leaders, as well as other aspects of the life of Presence Church that happen over the year.

If this is something that interests you, we want to hear from you. For more information;

Email us at DY@ipresence.org and we can answer your questions and send an application pack.

We can arrange a video call or coffee and hear what is on your heart, answer your questions and tell you more of what’s involved. You will also hear from current and former students what it’s like. The kingdom invites ordinary people like you and us to advance it. This city, this Island and this world, needs people to grow and mature and step into their potential. God’s only plan to change and influence the world is entrusted to His people and His Spirit. That’s why we have such a huge heart to disciple people who can walk in the truth of the bible and the power of the spirit. Be open to God. Pray and be brave and step towards your destiny.

It’s all about taking God’s hand, and following him.

Are you up for adventure?

Live loved.


Want to meet some of out current and former DY students?
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Want to apply?
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