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Discipleship Year

Presence Discipleship Year
Applications now open to start September 2019.

Are you willing to invest a year or more of your life to grow and develop into what God has put on your life?
Are you willing to invest a year or more to let God shape you and be a part of what God is doing here in Presence in Cork?

We have a huge heart to raise up a new generation of disciples and leaders, to partner with God and invest in people taking steps towards their God given potential. Our mission is to raise up followers of Jesus and equip them in understanding their identity, their kingdom authority, and their calling and gifting.

We are currently looking for people who want to spend a season with us as we train, equip and invest in you. We are currently looking for people with a heart to grow and serve in any area, especially worship leaders, musicians, those good with sound and visual equipment, or administrative gifts or any other area you feel gifted in.

The cost is €350.

Over the year you will read 6 books covering a range of topics from identity in God’s eyes, to understanding the kingdom and discipleship, as well as practical ministry such as praying for the sick, hearing God’s voice, sharing God’s love powerfully and exploring your unique calling in the kingdom and the church within the context of the great commission.

Please don’t the finances stop you. Let us know if that is an obstacle for you. This can be paid in monthly instalments too.
Please don’t the finances stop you. Let us know if that is an obstacle for you.
It is a 10 hour weekly commitment.
Monday evening for class and training. (3 hours)
One weeknight life group of your choice. (3 hours)
Outreach and servant evangelism. (1 hour)
Serving at our Sunday gathering. (3 hours)

If this is something that interests you, we want to hear from you. For more information 
Email us atSchool@iPresence.org

We can arrange a video call or coffee and hear what is on your heart. The kingdom invites ordinary people like you and us to advance it. This city and this Island needs people to grow and mature and step into their potential. God’s only plan to change and influence the world is entrusted to His people and His Spirit. That’s why we have such a huge heart to disciple people who can walk in the truth of the bible and the power of the spirit. Be open to God. Pray and be brave and step towards your destiny.

Live loved.

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